Infographic Part 1 Front, Smoking Cessation for Businesses
Infographic Part 2 Back Stop Smoking Facts for Employers

Employee Smoking Cessation Program

Help your employees achieve wellness and save money in the process. There are countless benefits to including a smoking cessation program in the workplace.

  • Improved Employee Health

  • Increased Productivity

  • Reduced Costs

  • Enhanced Job Satisfaction

  • Better Company Image

According to Moving Toward a Tobacco Free Nova Scotia, the estimated cost of tobacco use in Nova Scotia in 2005 was $950 million. 1700+ Nova Scotian’s die each year due to diseases attributable to tobacco use, estimated by GPI Atlantic. Health Canada estimates that 21% of all deaths in Canada can be attributed to smoking. But what are the costs to the employer?

The Yearly Cost of Smoking Employee

  • Increased Absenteeism   $414

  • Decreased Productivity   $3,800+

  • Increased Life Insurance Premiums   $75+

  • Smoking Area Costs    $85+

  • Totaling on average $4,256

* Source: The Conference Board of Canada

Our Laser Smoking Cessation Program Packages start at just $299 plus tax per person - However, we also offer direct billing to most insurance companies. This can bring the cost to employers down to just the taxes, $44.85 pp. Paying for an employee’s tobacco cessation treatment provides more return on investment than any other adult treatment or prevention benefit. We offer custom solutions for employers that do not have medical benefits in place ranging from 100% employer contribution, 50% Employer/50% Employee contribution, Payroll Deductions or more!

Let us come to you and work around your employee’s schedule. Ensure your employees complete the program and support your local community in the process. *Option available to business in HRM and for a minimum of 4 people.

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