How Low Level Laser Therapy Works ...

Low-level laser therapy utilizes principles similar to the ancient healing art of acupuncture – a technique of inserting and gently stimulating hair-thin needles into specific points of the body to trigger a natural healing response. Laser Intervention’s low-level lasers simulate a very similar response by emitting a fine-point cold laser into your skin which stimulates your body’s endorphin production system

Endorphins are natural chemicals in your body that signal your internal system to decrease stress and increase energy. These are the same chemicals inside your body that nicotine stimulates, and after smoking for a short period, also controls their reproduction.

Our laser therapy at Halifax Quit Smoking Clinic offers Nova Scotians, an easy and non-intrusive process with no known side-effects that allows your body to quickly restore its natural endorphin production. Laser Therapy utilizes a 100% safe, non-thermal, cold low-level laser to stimulate specific trigger points on your body that control the release of endorphins in your system. Over the course of a single hourly Laser Treatment Session, your body will restart natural reproduction of endorphins

This rebalancing of your body’s endorphin levels will allow it to remove nicotine from its system and help you to comfortably ride out the normal “nicotine withdrawal period” of three to five days.

Source: The Quit Smoking Handbook

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